Saturday, September 6, 2008

School, Soccer and Crosscountry

Well the school year has started. To my utter delight! Its so funny I look forward to school ending because I want freedom from a routine. Then I look forward to having it begin again for the exact opposite, I need the routine LOL. The house is always chaotic for me during the summer, even with all the helpers in keeping it organized. When they are in school its organized and runs smoothly. You would think I would get it, "routines are great!" But I always need the break. When I say smoothly I don't mean not busy its the opposite now more then ever since I decided to have Allyssa, Travis and Ashton play soccer, but with a routine of course its smoother. The house is usually clean by 10 am and I have all this free time to do my most favorite past time World of Warcraft. Allyssa and I have the home to ourselves, Will works in his corner of the house and we hardly hear from him til feeding time. She quietly plays with her various activities (barbies, tea party, making art work, PBS) and I leave this world to another. In my other world I am a mighty Paladin saving the Alliance from all its various monsters. But enough of WOW. I could bore you with how fun it is.
Soccer: We had our first games of the season last night starting with Travis. His game was enjoyable to watch he was a little clumsy out there at first but as the game progressed I saw him get over his shyness of his role and get aggressive and actually kick the ball. His team didn't come away the victors but they came away more prepared for the next game (which happens to be tonight). Then Allyssa and Ashton had a double booking, and since I have seen Ashton play before, Will and I opted to watch Allyssa play her game for a bit and then I left to watch our son Ashton kick it up in the field. He has such exuberance he ran to me during his first break and said "Hi Mom, I am number 6". Me and the other parents laughed, as if I needed verification of which one he was out there on the field. Then he got assigned a spot close to my side of the field and he waved "Hi Mom I am number 6". I guess he was concerned that I would not know who he was out there in that uniform that matched all the others?
Allyssa was the cutest little ball kicker, she was so excited to have the ball and just kicked right past the goal going side to side on the field neither up or down. During practice I was not sure she was getting it, she was clumsy with drippling the ball on the field and seemed bored with her various practice routines. But I guess some of it stuck because she had no trouble performing in a real game.
Then to top it all off Justin is doing Cross country, this adds to my time in the car taking kids to various activities. Justin has had 3 meets so far and seems to be very content with his coach, which happens to be Ashtons coach also. And if he coaches Justin like he coaches Ashtons soccer team he has a very encouraging and positive coach.
This year Justin is in 9th grade and so he also started seminary. He was very excited to begin seminary too. Justin has really developed a love for the gospel and seems to hunger for more of it because during his free time here at home (he has very little of it) he finds talks on the Internet from various speakers he had at Education Week and listens to them. He and Will have long conversations over the various gospel topics he is learning. It pleases me as his mom to see him heading in that direction without me pushing him that way.
Jordan is bored with his chosen lack of school (High School Graduation behind him) and unemployed state. He has put his application out there, don't get me wrong but at this point he doesn't have a job. I hope he gets one soon, he really needs something to move him in the Adult world he so wanted to enter. This summer he had a eye opening experience with sales trying to sell security systems for a company of a friends in Kansas City, Missouri. He found that he really did not enjoy that type of work and really missed his family (this was at the age of 17 mind you) so he left early and came home and plans on taking some Internet courses on writing, he has wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember his when I grow up goal.
I guess that sums it up as to what is going on now in "my simple life".


Linda said...

I surely remember those days of being here, being there, and being everywhere all at the same time with my kids. Sometimes I miss it, then again sometimes I don't! Great to hear about your busy life. Those little ones playing soccer is so fun and funny. Keep enjoying!

Kathryn said...

You are definitely getting the hang of this blogging stuff. Allyssa was darling playing soccer. Now if we can just keep her cousin from stealing the ball from her. Sorry!

Kristi said...

Hi Mindie. I hope you don't mind that I'm taking a peek at your blog. I just love finding other bloggers. Welcome to the blogging world. It looks like you are a natural blogger and just jumped right in! Feel free to visit my site at I love your posting. If you have a second, listen to this Mormon Mom Song on YouTube:
(just copy and paste). It is hilarious and always reminds me of busy moms like yourself.