Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Beginnings

I guess I should announce that I am now married to my childhood sweetheart. His name is Robert (Rob) Winfield. We were married on July 2, 2010. After his sister learned about the trial I was going through the summer and fall of 2009 she told her brother to look me up on facebook because he also was going through a similar challenge. When we started chatting and emailing each other in February things just clicked for us. We are very similar in our ideals and he is so sweet to me. I feel so loved and cherished. The challenge is building a family around each of our children, he has 6 children Karl 18, Chrisjen 12, Jayden 8, Chloe 6, Shaleena 5, and James 2. They each have a mom of their own that they are loyal to and love, so I could never be their mom, but they love me as much as can be expected in this type of situation. My children are learning how to accept Rob as a father figure in their life, he is patient with them and tries to do fun stuff with them. Rob works for a company called YESCO, as an electronic tester. I am working at Logan Reginal Hospital and still working towards my goal to become a nurse.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Idea what to write about......

I know it has been a bit of time since I have blogged. I have no excuses except that I have been a really busy mom. I work evenings cleaning the American Fork Hospital and go to the gym every morning and clean the house and...... well you get the idea. I am working towards getting my nursing degree, and found a program here that will get me ready to take the NCLEX for Practical Nursing in a year. After talking to various programs in my area, none of them will accept my Anatomy and Physiology and other prerequisites that I did years ago. Then I found out about this program for LPN and they will take my previous classes. After I get my LPN I can apply to jump into a RN program without doing those prerequisites over. So doing things this way I will finish up my degree in Nursing one year sooner. I am unsure how its going to be working and going to school at the same time, especially when I have to be at school at 7:30 am and I get into bed after work at about 1:30. I hope my body adjusts to the new schedule quickly and I don't fall asleep while trying to study the materials from school. Along with trying to keep my kids feeling loved, fed, and nurtured. I guess we will find out this August. I am grateful that I have good family support helping me through this challenging time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Allyssa's First Girl Haircut

Allyssa has been wanting to have her haircut everytime I cut the boys hair. So when I told her we could both go get our hair cut at this beauty school for $3.50 on Tuesdays. She jumped at the chance. They called her back first and so I waited my turn. While I was getting my haircut, this cute little girl walks around the corner. I think it turned out really cute. Still long enough to do pig tails if I chose but short enough to cut back on the snarles she so hates.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Here I sit posting about my last child's first day of school, basking in the quiet background noises. Allyssa loves her new teacher Mrs. Wood (who is teaching her first year of school) she was slightly disappointed that her original teacher and classroom was switched the day before she started school. After all she did go and meet her teacher and her classroom. So as soon as I found out she got a new classroom and teacher we headed over to the school to see if we could sneak a peak into her new classroom and find her teacher. We did get a glimpse of the classroom, unfortunately she had to wait til her first day of school to meet the teacher. The biggest let down was that she lost her cute little toilet to a slightly bigger one, lol. Its still child sized, but not as small as her original classrooms.

School has been very fun for her though and she loves the playground. She got the opportunity to fill up and bring in the sound bag for the letter C, we put in crackers as a snack, a cup, a block with the letter C on it, a carrot, a cake mix, a cupcake paper, a car, a cow, a cat and a candle.

All in all school for her has been the best. She is now a grown up kindergartner.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy in Utah

A lot has conspired in the last couple months. I will focus on the positive stuff. I have moved to Utah with the kids. I live at my daughters home with all of my kids (even the ones that moved out) and my super awesome son in law. I moved to Utah in the beginning of August and got the kids registered for school and they started officially today. Well all of them except Allyssa, she starts August 27th.

Ashtons comment today when I picked them up after school was, "I have the best teacher in the whole world". If they behave well they get rewards and one of these ultimate awards is to be able to read on a beanbag chair with the classroom pet resting on your chest (the classroom pet, Lulu which is a Bearded Dragon Lizard) I am not so sure I would want that as a reward, lol. Ashton says she is really gentle and all that she does is sit very still. She eats crickets like a frog would he says.

Travis says his teacher is a very nice guy too. They have a newer concept in seating. To keep the desks nice and neat, each day the kids get to pick a new spot to sit. So they never have the same spot, which means that they are not to leave anything in the desks. He keeps all his supplies and stuff in a cubby. His teacher is a young guy and likes to skateboard, and lots of sports (he used to teach snowboarding) and rock climbs.

Allyssa went in for her kindergarten assessment today and she did great. It was fun watching her though processes. She was asked to identify all the letters of the alphabet upper and lower case. She demonstrated counting and math skills. She was asked to write out a sentence the teacher verbalized to her (this was hard for her). I guess they have a full day kindergarten class and if they did well on the assessment they are considered for full day. My most favorite comment she made today when she was unsure of the answer was "that is kinda tricky". Her most favorite thing in her classroom is the small toilet in the girls bathroom that is within the classroom. She is most anxious for school to start.

Justin is excited about his classes he is a sophomore this year. His schedule is interesting he has A days and B days. Which alternate so he has 4 classes each day. When he first got his schedule he had to recheck it a bunch cause he felt like he was getting a easy load. But all of the required courses were on there and some of the fun ones he has are even meeting requirements.

Its very nice being in a state with pretty green lawns and trees. I really missed the seasons in Pahrump. I also really like living with my grandchildren. I know eventually I will have to move on, but I am enjoying every minute of this time.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009