Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Here I sit posting about my last child's first day of school, basking in the quiet background noises. Allyssa loves her new teacher Mrs. Wood (who is teaching her first year of school) she was slightly disappointed that her original teacher and classroom was switched the day before she started school. After all she did go and meet her teacher and her classroom. So as soon as I found out she got a new classroom and teacher we headed over to the school to see if we could sneak a peak into her new classroom and find her teacher. We did get a glimpse of the classroom, unfortunately she had to wait til her first day of school to meet the teacher. The biggest let down was that she lost her cute little toilet to a slightly bigger one, lol. Its still child sized, but not as small as her original classrooms.

School has been very fun for her though and she loves the playground. She got the opportunity to fill up and bring in the sound bag for the letter C, we put in crackers as a snack, a cup, a block with the letter C on it, a carrot, a cake mix, a cupcake paper, a car, a cow, a cat and a candle.

All in all school for her has been the best. She is now a grown up kindergartner.


Linda said...

How fun to be in kindergarten. Hard to believe your youngest is that old! I love the letter bag thing.

Kristi said...

She looks so grown up and excited. Fun.

Ruth Sutton said...

I don't think she could have looked more excited for her first day of school. Thats great! We miss you too. The only thing that could make soccer better for ellie was if Allyssa was on her team. I'll be seeing you in utah in just a few weeks. love ya

PeavoyMom said...

It looks like all is well in Utah! How are things now, keep bloggin' cause I miss you!!!!