Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Puppy experience

I know I know I know. I have neglected my Blog. Maybe someday I will be prompt and regular.
Warning this is not a catch up but a guilt reliever so it may be long.

Over the years we have always been a cat type family. We went through at least 4 baby kitten experiences. Growing up I had both cats and dogs around. But I would have to say I always loved cats and Tiffany and I could have long conversations with you of the benefits of having a cat over a dog. But Last year for some reason I had this feeling that we really needed a dog.

So according to Will I went out and got our family a dog without his approval, (I disagree) I clearly remember talking to him about it and him saying ok. March of 2008 Sadie joined our family.

Sadie a little over a year later.

I guess it was fair for Will to come home this year in April with another dog. He decided to help out a new family in our ward by taking a stray dog that had been eating them out of house and home. This new dog was, they thought, pregnant. When I first saw her I thought maybe she was or maybe she had just had several batches of puppies.

Bella joined us Mid April with the possibility of puppies too. I can't say that it wasn't a exciting prospect. I had never in my life experienced puppies. I began to doubt that she was pregnant until around a month before School was to get out. She suddenly really started to look pregnant. So we began to "guess" when these puppies would enter our world. If you know when your dog concieved its 60 days approx. from beginning to end. I had no idea when these puppies were due so I read all I could on what to expect from a dog when it was time. I estimated she would have them around when school got out or right before. Well on Sunday June 7 she had a loss of appetite (one of the signs of labor in a dog) I figured she would have them that day since she was a very avid eater and watched her all morning. I got a substitute for my Primary class (Thank You Will). Our church is at 2 pm I figured if she didn't show signs of being close I would go to Sacrament meeting and then go home to hang out with our laboring dog. I was excited to say the least. I called Ruth as promised and then the waiting began. She had her first puppy at 4:30 I missed that one. So I watched her more closely. Waited and waited some more. Went into the house to visit with my brother who came into town to visit for a couple days. And missed the second puppies birth by seconds also, which was born 3 hours later. Then Ruth arrived and we began a vigilant sitting by Bellas side. Laboring ladies need each other Right? Then one right after another 4 more puppies were born within the the next 3 hours. At 10:30ish we decided that she had probally had all of the puppies and called it a night. I woke up in the middle of the night to go check on our new puppies and found 3 new additions. So we are now the owners of 11 total dogs. Know anyone that wants a Puppy?

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it all adds up said...

Good luck with all those dogs! I'm sure if we lived closer Mike would be begging to bring one home. :)