Sunday, February 15, 2009

Are you putting this on your blog mom?

Okay so I guess I will, lol good idea Travis. I saw my 3 youngest eating soup all in a row and I couldn't resist it was picture worthy to me. I love those kids. Travis said as I was running around getting them all water and making soup warmer cause I didn't make it warm enough on the stove. That he felt bad for me. I asked why? He replied cause your doing tons of stuff for us, my response back was, "Travis do you know why I do this?" He said yes, "cause you love us." I am glad he knows that I care and don't mind doing small tasks to make them happy.


Ruth Sutton said...

Your kids are soooo lucky to have you as a mom. And how lucky you are to have kids that appreciate and know that you love them. Fun picture

PeavoyMom said...

I love how they asked if it was going on your blog. When Ezra asks that question it's cause he doesn't want it on the blog. When Liam asks it 'cause he's excited to see his face on the computer!