Monday, January 5, 2009


As you can tell blogging has not been on my priority list. My perspective is I will get to it eventually. So if you want to find out what is going on currently with me and my family. Just call us. Because you will get late info here on my blog. But if your a casual blogger as I am then you will do just fine with my style of blogging. That said, here is a overview of December for us.

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas coming to say the least December was a full and busy month for me. I needed to get my Paladin in WOW to 80! Goal one accomplished. I needed to get all the presents out to family and purchased for family. Goal two done (on December 24th well at least I got it accomplished, lol).

I really enjoyed this Christmas with "all" my children. It was super fun spending time with my adorable grandkids and my adult children. I would say one of the hardest thing for me as a mom, is having my kids grow up and move away. I really miss Tiffany and Kevin not being at home. Yes I know they must grow up and move on. But if I could have it my way they would never grow up and move away. I do love my grandkids though, so I guess growing up and moving out has its bonuses. We spend lots of late nights with My Kids, Joe, Kathryn, Ruth, and Tim playing some really fun games and just visiting. Then it all came to a end =( . I hate goodbyes!


Linda said...

So good to hear about you and your family! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas with everyone, but in my mind you are still a young married woman with little kids, can't believe you have adult children are a grandma two times.

Kathryn said...

It was super fun this Holiday season. We had a great time with everyone and loved having your kids home as well. That picture is way cute!!!! You are a super Grandma!

PeavoyMom said...

What a darling picture! Thanks for inviting us over to share bringing in the new year. Fun party!!! The balloons cracked me up, I've never even heard of that!

Kristi said...

What an adorable grandbaby you have. I think this picture captured the moment. So cute!