Monday, November 3, 2008


Every year we have a tradition to carve pumpkins for Halloween. Over the years we have pushed it off to the Monday before. Here in Pahrump we have had to wait as long as possible because pumpkins just don't do well in this warm weather. It's interesting watching what happens. This year they were drying out and not really molding. We tossed them in the trash before the weeks end. Anyways here is a picture of them 2 days after carving, remember its dark but.....going from left to right is Ashtons (a bat) Allyssa's (a cat) Travis's (scary face) After the first day Travis's was starting to look like a old man, lol his face was shrinking in and we had some great laughs about it. This year Jordan and Justin decided to not do one. I guess they are to big to carve pumpkins.


Linda said...

They look so festive! What can I bring for Thanksgiving? There will be about 7 of us. Can hardly wait to see everybody.

PeavoyMom said...

Our pumpkins got all moldy 2 days after we carved them. NASTY! Apparently though, if they aren't moldy, just wrinkly, you can throw them in the bath tub and they pop right back out. That's what I've heard, I've never tried it though.

Kathryn said...

Way cute pumpkins! We waited till Halloween morning this year. Partly because of the heat but mostly because that is the first chance we had. Busy Busy!